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Block Board (IS-1659)

The composition of blockboard is very different from other engineered woods such as plywood, MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) or Particle boards. It is made from solid blocks of wood at its core, sandwiched between layers of wood veneer (usually single layer of ply) on both its front and back faces. The difference in the way blockboard is made, gives it interesting characteristics and functionality.

Advantages of Blockboard:

Lighter in weight
Lesser tendency to sag or bend
Costs Less
Better than Particle Board and even MDF

Batons and frames are made of imported New Zealand pine. It is manufactured with ISI grade resin and utmost care is taken during the assembly of block board to avoid any gap between the battens. The battens are cut with great precision to obtain uniform thickness. Amul Boards are available in MR and BWP grade.