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Fire Retardant Ply & Doors

Fire Retardant is a non-leachable plywood. It is not just Fire-Retardant but it also resists fungi, insects and more importantly pin-hole borers. Selected hardwood panels and wooden planks undergo vacuum-pressure-impregnation (as per IS:5509 specification) that results in a special chemical composition which helps in forming a protective char, in the unfortunate event of a fire. Plywood is an organic material; it cannot be absolutely fire proof. However, Fire Retardant resists immediate ignition or burning, surface spread of flames and flame penetration.

Amul Fire Retardant Ply & Door are available in thickness ranges from 4mm to 35mm with standard size sheet such as 8' x 4'/

It is our special product having Fire Retardant properties. The USP of this product are as under:

1> All Gurjan or equiv. H/W core
2> All layers treated in Mono Ammonia Phosphate for 72 hours.
3> Before and after two stage treatment
4> Price is normally 28-30% more than IS:710
5> Rating- As per available rating our 12mm FR Ply is rated for 73 minutes as against BIS requirement of 30 minutes.

There are 3 major tests for FRP-
 A: Flammability test
 B: Flame Penetration test
 C: Rate of Burning test
We proudly announce that Amul is the first Company in Gandhidham to have this license.