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Flexible Ply & Decorative

A perfect product for the creative modules! In the manufacturing of modern furniture, flexible plywood can give shape to new concepts, which would bring changes in the wooden component market. Concepts of those engaged in structural and architectural work may also change. Flexible plywood gives the users simplicity with combined effect of durablity and strength. Amul flexi ply can be rolled and bent Into any shape without cracking or de-lamination.

We have developed 1mm Fexible Plywood with Both Side Commercial Face as well as with One Side Teak Face. The exclusiveness of the product is that it can be bent along the grains, across the grains, forward, backward and also diagonally. This speciality put the product to more varied uses compared to traditional Flexible Plywood and 4mm OST.

4mm OST Through market is flooded with different types of decorative veneers of various ranges, but we have started production of high quality National Burma Teak Face pasted on 4mm imported panels for long lasting and protection from handling damage, we are providing Shrink Filming on teak face side.