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Flush Door (IS-2202)

Amul Flush Dors are made of kiln seasoned imported Maranti hardwood with GURJAN core and face. They are made out of high quality wood to make them exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable with excellent tooling and finishing properties. They are then bonded with special quality Phenol formaldehyde synthetic resin as per the guidelinesof IS:2202 in different thickness & ordered sizes.

Sensing the taste of professional architects for modern housing as well as commercial projects, the company has succesfully introduced a range of LAMINATED FLUSH DOORS. Decorative laminate of different designs are being MACHINE PASTED on flush doors applying a very special type of adhesive.

The Salient Features of this product are as under:

1> Gurjan Face.
2> Gurjan or equivalent 2.5mm H/W core.
3> Pine Frame
4> Meranti H/W filler
5> Also available in pine filler.
6> Normally available thicknesses 30mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm
7> Why the cost of Amul Door are little higher than local doors:
 A: IS:2202 permits only PF Resin in Doors, we are honestly doing so
 B: No joint frame, we are giving only full frames.
 C: Fully Seasoned Frame and filler