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Corporate Social Responsiblity (CSR) - Social Institutions

Besides other CSR's, the group of company's focus is for Social Upliftment, specially Education of its fellow citizen, so founded Purbanchal Charitable Trust

Arya Samaj, Gandhidham - The group bears the education expenses of eight children up to Graduation

Support Unprivileged Children for their education - The group has provided financial assistance to construct the school building of Shree Bhimasar Chakasor Educational & Rural Development Trust, Bhimasar, Taluka: Anjar-Kutch and has taken responsibiltiy of 15 unprivileged children to educate them continuously.

Matra Vandana Charitable Trust, Yashodadhan-Bachau - Financial assistance for setting up New Primary School for local villagers.

Navjyoti India Foundation, Delhi - This institute is run by Dr. Kiran Bedi for upliftment of poor children and Group is regular donor to this.

Helpage India, Delhi - The Group is also attached with Helpage India.

Goshala, Yashodagaon - The Group is contributing towards setup of Goshala, Yashodagaon