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Teak Plywood

We obtain a good quality veneer from the log of teak, and use it only as the topmost surface layer of the plywood. The inside layers of the plywood are made using other woods. Teak wood is a strong and attractive material that has been in fashion for a long long time. It has a rich golden brown colour and striking straight grain patterns on it that make it look very beautiful. It is also very strong and durable, and has a natural oil within its cells because of which it has natural resistance against termites and pests.

At present we are selling about 3000 Teak ply every month. Targeted Sale is 5000 in a month. USP of this product are as under:

1> 100% Burma Teak, sourced from leading manufacturer.
2> 100% Gurjan, imported, gapless Baseply of higher thickness.
3> Available in group size of 15 to 50
4> Also available in Horizontal, Mix-match and crown/knotty, rough cut.
5> On the line of increasing decorative range, recently we have started Sapele also.
6> Can proudly claim to be complaint free product since we have started.